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Skyway Cargo -Leveraging on new technology and digitization to increase productivity

May 2, 2023 business

Shipping companies are exploring ways to leverage on new technologies and tapping on digitization to improve efficiency and productivity.

From history, other industries have been affected by digitizing their operations time before shipping industry started feeling the effects.

There is an increasing need for seamless flow of goods in the global supply chain and digitization is the key enabler to shipping companies.

Currently, the shipping industry is facing challenges brought about by new regulations from the regulatory bodies in Kenya.

The impact of these changes have been felt by the consumer in the form of higher freight charges, slower shipping process and delays, as well as a backlog in the port.

As a result, many customers are opting out of shipping as the costs are no longer manageable.

However, some shipping companies are making major moves to cushion the customer through digitization and consolidation method of shipping.

One of these, is Skyway Cargo; a leader in the segment and one that is taking matters into their own hands.

Small businesses can now ship their cargo and pay for it bit by bit as they continue to sell it.

Skyway cargo is able to pay for cargo on behalf of businesses who in turn can get the goods they pay for.

Additionally, small businesses or individuals can ship their goods through cargo consolidation method whereby smaller shipments/goods are bundled together within one container thereby allowing them to share shipping, storage and even delivery costs.

This leads to minimized shipping costs, as well as decreased wait time which all contribute to increased efficiency.

Another major pain point felt by customers is when their goods get lost or damaged.

This is often experienced during the process of loading goods on tracks, ships and aeroplanes.

When you engage a premium cargo company such as Skyway Cargo, such experiences are hardly felt.

They use a tracking system to handle the logistics, carefully labeling, logging and tracking assets as they go their separate ways, always keeping their shippers and recipients updated on the progress of the project.

The most innovative solution has been the ability to customers of calculating cost digitally.

This is meant to support greater customer- centricity including digital transformation, security growth and new business models.

Shipping industry continues to expand and be a solution to many businesses and individuals.

The secret to ensuring that your international shipping goes smoothly is to engage a cargo company that has significant experience in getting goods to their foreign destinations.

An ideal cargo company will help you with everything from securing packaging your items, to filling out the paperwork, to tracking your shipment every step of the way.

It is therefore solid to say, our Kenyan economy is heavily dependent on the shipping industry.

Every small or big importation done for businesses and even individuals is a factor to the thriving factors.