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April 25, 2023 business

As one of the world’s most powerful economies, China has had a major impact on the global economy. Its economic rise has been particularly beneficial to Kenya, as the African nation has become an important market for Chinese goods and services. In fact, China is now the largest foreign investor in Kenya, with investments in various sectors, including manufacturing, infrastructure, and technology.
China is one of the largest global markets, and it is continuing to grow. For businesses looking to expand their presence and grow their customer base, a Chinese market is a great option. Here are some important facts about the Chinese market that businesses should know:

  1. China is now the biggest source of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Kenya, accounting for over half of all FDI in the country. It has enabled Kenyan companies to access more capital, technology, and expertise from China, as well as access to new markets.
  2. Chinese companies have invested heavily in infrastructure projects in Kenya, such as roads, railways, ports, and airports, helping to improve the country’s transportation networks.
  3. Chinese investment has also enabled Kenya to develop its industrial sector, creating jobs and boosting the local economy.
  4. Chinese companies have also set up factories and production facilities in Kenya, providing employment opportunities and generating much-needed revenue.
  5. Chinese tourists are increasingly visiting Kenya in large numbers, bringing in much-needed foreign currency and helping to boost the local tourism industry.
  6. Kenyan exports to China have increased significantly in recent years, with tea, coffee, horticultural products, and other commodities faring particularly well.
  7. Kenya has also benefited from the increasing number of Chinese companies looking to establish a presence in the country, creating more jobs and investment opportunities.
  8. Chinese companies have helped to create thousands of jobs in Kenya, with a large number of Chinese nationals moving to the country to work in Chinese-owned companies.
  9. Kenya is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for Chinese investments, with the country ranked as the third most attractive destination for Chinese FDI.
    The China market has been a great benefit to the Kenyan market. The Chinese have invested heavily in the country as a result of their strong economic ties, and this has led to the creation of jobs and improved economic growth. The Chinese have also played a major role in the development of infrastructure in Kenya, including the construction of the largest airport in East Africa, and the expansion of the railway network. Additionally, the Chinese have helped to increase the level of foreign direct investment in the country, which has opened up new opportunities for Kenyan businesses. All in all, the China market has been a great boon to the Kenyan economy, and Skyway Forwarders is committed to helping Kenyan businesses take advantage of this economic opportunity by providing efficient and reliable services for shipping products to and from China. Skyway Forwarders is proud to be part of this success story.